About Us

A multidisciplinary research group

The sepsis research group consists of a collaboration of established research groups working together and includes researchers from the emergency department/internal medicine, intensive care unit/anesthesiology and the department of clinical pharmacy and pharmacology.

The interaction between fundamental researchers, clinicians and companies allows to translate clinical problems into fundamental experiments and subsequently, bridge the gap towards the development of novel treatments for human diseases.


Sepsis is a life-threatening host response to infection. The immunologic, neurological and physiologic disturbance together lead to organ dysfunction. Aging populations with increasing co-morbidity, but potentially also better recognition, increase the reported incidence of sepsis.

Drug development

The pathogenesis of sepsis is not yet precisely known. Therefore, current therapies are limited to source control (i.e. antibiotics and drainage) and supportive care. Increasing the fundamental knowledge about the pathogenesis may contribute to the development of a novel pharmacological treatment for sepsis.


We contribute to the education of young researchers. Talented students are encouraged to participate in our research programme. We have opportunities for pilot projects, research internships and (MD/)PhD-students.

Sepsis Stats

18 million

Cases per year worldwide

€ 25.000

Per case


In-hospital mortality


Long-term mortality (3 years)